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Self Love Takes Courage

It’s time to rise up.

Staying stuck in the self-loathing or the self-condemning takes no effort. Allowing yourself to fall victim to your inner mean girl is the path of least resistance because chances are, that’s what has already been happening for a long time.

And you get a reward for these behaviours. It’s comfortable. It keeps you safe.

This is your chance to stop letting those unkind thoughts in your head win and keep you playing small.

This is your opportunity to step up and practice courage. Decide that you’re no longer going to put up with the self-loathing. You can choose to rise up and make a different choice. You can choose self-acceptance right now.

This is going to positively impact not just you, but everyone around you. You’ll show up differently for everyone you love. You’ll show up better for your family, your career, your community. This is going to change everything.

It won’t always be easy, but it’s absolutely going to be worth it.

You’re worth it,

-Tanja x