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Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy

Simple (Definition): easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty.

Easy (Definition): achieved without great effort; presenting few difficulties; (of a period of time or way of life) free from worries or problems.

Changing your health and fitness is simple. That doesn’t mean it’s easy. 

The tactics for getting healthier and fitter are simple, in that they’re easily understood. You know you need to move your body and eat more vegetables and stop overeating.

But just because these strategies are simple to understand and execute, it doesn’t mean that they are easy. 

But don’t let that stop you. Don’t let ‘easier said than done’ be your cop-out (because, technically, isn’t everything easier said than done?). There might be worry and discomfort in the beginning. Uncertainty and doubt are going to creep in.

One of the most freeing things you can do is to accept that parts of the journey will be hard. It might be uncomfortable at times. 

And, accepting that this will be hard sometimes will actually make it easier. You’ll EXPECT that there will be challenges, and not get so frustrated when they actually happen. You’ll put effort into making the change knowing that it might be challenging at times.

But once you accept that there will be challenges and that breaking habits and creating new ones is hard, don’t waste precious energy on the fact that things are challenging. 

Stop telling yourself over and over again that things are hard. It’s not helpful. Use that energy on creating change. Tell yourself you have done hard things before and you are capable. Ask yourself “how can I make this easier?”.

You ARE capable. You have done hard things before. You are stronger than you think.

And you are worth it.

Tanja x