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Is This Sneaky Excuse Stalling Your Progress?

✨Progress, not perfection✨

It’s a popular quote. It’s plastered all over social media and showered with hearts and likes.

But I think we can miss the point of this popular saying.

⭐️ Perfectionism is a common tendency for those who struggle with food.

⭐️ Perfectionism is the enemy of consistency.

⭐️ Perfectionism is all-or-nothing thinking.

It stops you before you start. It causes you to go mad trying to achieve an impossible standard, and then berates you for not being able to do the impossible.

Letting go of the need to be perfect will serve you well.

Sometimes we do the ‘not perfection’ part but forget about progress.

We let “at least I’m not as ‘bad’ as I used to be” get in the way of progress.

We let the fact that we don’t drink quite as much as we used to get in the way of enjoying wine on weekends only. We let the fact that we no longer order an appy AND dessert get in the way of skipping the appy and sharing a dessert. We let ourselves off the hook for eating the row of Oreos because we no longer eat the whole box. We let the fact that we no longer spend hours playing our game on the phone get in the way of cutting it out altogether and using that time to connect with our family.

It’s true. You are better than you were before. Celebrate that. You might even rest there for a while, but don’t rest for too long.

I ask you: is your past progress getting in the way of making more progress? Are you becoming complacent because you’ve had some successes?

I obviously don’t know your answer to this. But you will, if you’re honest with yourself.

No judgment, just inquire: are you letting off the gas because you’ve made some progress? You’re not feeling quite as bad anymore?

We all do it from time to time (I certainly do), but sometimes self-care and self- love is calling ourselves out on our own BS.

Tanja x