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How to Stay Healthy When You’re Strapped for Time

“I don’t have time to workout.”
“I’m too busy to prepare healthy meals.”
“I have too many other things going on – it’s impossible to fit in any kind of self-care.”
It’s easy to become focused on our time constraints, and how it feels like taking the time to workout or work on our nutrition takes up even more of what little time we have.
Let’s change that perspective.
When it comes to our health and fitness, a powerful perspective shift is moving away from the idea of time management to thinking more about energy management.
When we complete that workout or spend some time cooking healthy meals for the week, it will take some time out of our schedule. But it creates so much more productivity and energy for all the other tasks we have in our days. Spending that thirty minutes to move your body is going to make you more focused and productive so you can tackle your to-do list with greater effectiveness. Preparing that healthy meal is going to ensure you have the best possible fuel for your body so you have the energy to get everything done.
Everything in your life gets better when you take better care of yourself. When you move your body. When you take the time to make healthier eating choices.
AND it doesn’t even need to take a lot of time. Start with where you’re at. A 10-minute walk at lunch can go a long way. When it comes to eating, one of the most impactful improvements you can make is simply to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’ve had enough- which might even take LESS time since you’re likely not eating as much.
If all we focus on is time management, life can start to feel chaotic and unfulfilling. But when we focus on energy management and ensure we are feeling our most vibrant and cared for, everything in life will become more enjoyable, and we’ll be so much more efficient with our time.
Taking care of our health is not time spent. It’s time invested, and you are worth it.
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