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How to Stop Self Sabotaging Your Weight Loss: FVY196


“What’s getting in your way? Where are you stuck?” Sure, you can answer ‘hormones’ or ‘my spouse’ or ‘my busy schedule’. But if you were to answer this honestly, you would say ‘myself’.

And then you might think you need more willpower or discipline. Or motivation. Or that something is wrong with you.

After all, if you WANT it so badly, so why do you keep slipping off plan when you start to lose some weight? Or why do you start each day with great intentions but end up face first in the ice cream after dinner?

Enter self sabotage (no applause required 😉

Take a deep breath. It’s normal. You’re not broken. You’re human. 

Friend, let’s have a chat about ending self sabotage so that you can finally have the body and life you want… and deserve. 

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