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Sugar Cravings

Getting over sugar cravings isn’t just about willpower and distractions.

If you experience intense sugar cravings, it’s time to stop wishing they’d go away, and start LISTENING to what they have to say. And just in case you need me to say it, I don’t mean go stick your hand in the cookie jar!

Sugar cravings are not the problem, they are the RESULT of the problem. Lean in, get curious and discover what might be going on.

Common reasons we have cravings are:
✨ lack of sleep or fatigue
✨ imbalance of your gut bacteria (dysbiosis)
✨ hormone imbalance
✨ chronic stress
✨ eating the wrong foods for your body
✨ not taking time for pleasure and play in your day
✨ undereating
✨ seeing foods as good or bad

Slow down and get curious, what could be going for you?

If you have a sugar craving, you can choose to not eat sugar. That choice is available to you. But in the long run, it’s a heck of a lot easier to just not have the cravings.

Want to stop the sugar cravings?

Focus on what’s actually causing them.

I’d love to know, what do you think is causing your sugar cravings?