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The Power of Gratitude with Julie Boyer: FVY157

It’s not happy people who are thankful. It’s thankful people who are happy.

For the past year or so, expressing gratitude has been a daily habit. It’s on my ‘Tanja’s ideal week” success tracker and I’ve been consistent, and it’s dramatically improved my life.

Naturally, I was really excited to connect with Julie Boyer, who takes gratitude to a whole new level, and I learned a lot, and have already started to implement some of the action items we talked about on the show.

She shared this quote:
“Without exception, begin every day of your life with gratitude. As you look in the mirror, say, “Thank you, God, for life, for my body, for my family and loved ones, for this day, and for the opportunity to be of service. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” -Wayne Dyer

Julie Boyer is The Grateful Entrepreneur. Her mission in life is to create grateful greatness globally for entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs. Julie’s first book, 30 Days of Gratitude, The Gratitude Program That Will Change Your Life, became an Amazon bestseller when it was released in May 2013. Her current work on gratitude is My Year of Gratitude, A Daily Gratitude Project, where she is blogging daily and sharing her gratitude tips.

Julie loves to mentor and develop leaders through her mentorship program and partnership with USANA Health Sciences. A former triathlete, Julie has completed 3 full Ironman Distance triathlons. Julie lives in Burlington, Ontario with her 5 year old daughter and husband Dan.

Here’s what we talked about:
  • Simple ways to add a gratitude practice into your day (I’m an action person… I need simple steps to follow!)
  • How you can find gratitude during tough times
  • Why gratitude is a choice, and how to choose it
  • The power of being grateful for future situations and accomplishments

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