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The time is going to pass anyway

The time is going to pass anyway. How do you want to feel when it’s over?

It was during a swim practice when my coach, Lynn spoke those words. I was 14 and its a message that stuck. It was my first introduction to purpose and intention.

The time is going to pass. I am going to do the set of 400s in the pool. But how I show up, the effort you put in is up to me.

Will I go through the motions? Will I just finish? Or will I do my best? Will I end feeling like I did okay, or feeling really proud of my effort?

But the lesson isn’t saved only for workouts and swim practices.

Time will pass. We will do the things. But what effort are we putting in?

Your half hour workout, or that 45 second interval is going to pass. Are you engaged and making the most of it? Are you staying focused and bringing your best effort?

Tonight’s dinner with your family is going to happen. Are you setting an intention to engage, to be fully present and to cultivate strong relationships?

Maybe you’ll be babysitting your grandkids. Are you checking the boxes or making memories?

Your decision to eat healthily today might happen regardless- but will you be grateful and proud that you are choosing to take great care of yourself, or are you thinking about all the things you’re missing out on?

The weekend is going to come and go. How do you want to feel when Monday comes? Will you schedule in a few things that make you feel ALIVE?

2019 is going to be over soon. Will you wake up on 2020 proud of the progress you made in the last 3 months of the year, or will you wake up on January 1st, hoping that things will change with the turn of a decade?

You’re going to do the things. Time is going to pass. You’re going to be there anyway.

TODAY, pay attention. Be present. Stay engaged. Set an intention. And do the best you can.

Tanja x

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