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A Better Question to Ask Yourself

I often get asked, what is the best way to lose weight? Is Intermittent Fasting healthy? Should I cut carbs?

I could give you the perfect plan. I could lay out the best workouts. But it’s irrelevant. We get stuck looking for more information when we need to ask better questions.

A more effective question to ask is “what am I willing to do CONSISTENTLY? What am I able to do CONSISTENTLY?”

What you’re able to do now doesn’t mean you won’t do more later. Start small, start where you’re at, and do it well.

Maybe that means:
💕 Drinking 6 glasses of water, on your way to 8-10.
💕 Eating one bowl of cereal as your bedtime snack, on your way to closing the kitchen after dinner
💕 Moving your body for 15 minutes each day, on your way to strength training regularly

Where you start isn’t where you’ll end up. It’s a starting point, that’s all.

Friend, put your blinders on and focus on where you’re at, and the next step forward. What is an improvement for you?

And if your brain is screaming “but there are 17 thousand things I could do to reach my fat loss goal”, pick one. Because when we think of the 17 thousand things we could do or should do, it just feels too overwhelming.

We get stuck trying to decide if we should get up earlier, move more, meditate, or start meal planning, and then we do nothing.

What are you able to do consistently?

Then our brain (and the diet industry) tells us “What’s the point of going for a 10-minute walk. If that’s all you do, you’ll never get to your goal!”.

Thank you for your input, brain, but you’re a liar.

The 10-minute walk is better than the hour-long walk you’re not doing. The cereal at night is better than the perfect eating plan you’re not following.

Pick one thing that you are able to do consistently over time. Your ability to improve and take on more will grow with time and practice. You’ll have confidence that you can stick to something. Your trust with yourself will grow, making the next habit just a bit easier.

Remember, we’re playing the long game.
What’s your one thing?
-Tanja x