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We Have it Backwards

Have you ever said…

When I lose the weight, I’ll be happy.

When I get down to that dress size, I’ll be confident and comfortable in my skin.

When I lose the weight, I’ll have a peaceful, natural relationship with food.

When I finally reach my weight loss goal, then I’ll be consistent with my healthy habits.

When I’m fit enough, I’ll go to the gym.

So often, our perspective is backwards when it comes to our health and fitness journey.

We don’t wait until we’re fit to go to the gym; the gym is the place we go to get fit and transform our bodies.

We also don’t magically have a peaceful relationship with food or confidence or happiness once we hit a number on the scale.

It’s through developing consistent habits, a grateful and empowered mindset, and a balanced, nourishing relationship to food that we can change our bodies. Weight loss or a fit body are results. All these other things we’re waiting for are part of the process that happens long before the results show up.

It’s so important to develop the identity we want so we can reach our goals and sustain our progress. If we see ourselves as someone who feels confident and proud of their body, we will become that person. If we see ourselves as someone who has a natural, balanced relationship to food, we’ll become that person. This may not happen overnight. It’s going to be a work in progress, and that’s totally okay.

Keep asking yourself who you want to be and how this person would show up? If you were already at your goal and maintaining all the fantastic progress, how would you be thinking, moving, eating, and living? Then, take the actions that this woman would take today. This is how you not only reach your goal but also sustain your progress for life.