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Are these mistakes sabotaging your efforts to lose weight, feel free in your body, and free in your life?

Free LIVE Training:
5 Critical Mistakes Women Over 40 Make When Trying to Lose Weight


Does this sound like you?

You are exhausted by the diet roller coaster ride and constantly sabotaging yourself

You feel like you’re missing out on LIFE because you’re uncomfortable in your body

You’ve tried everything under the sun (and it hasn’t worked)


If you want to end the struggle with food and weight... I am excited to present this FREE Workshop for Women Over 40 to lose weight and feel FREE in your body... for life.

In this training you'll learn...

✔️ The golden rule for fat loss and how getting this wrong will tank your metabolism and make weight loss impossible.

✔️ The 5 critical mistakes most women make when trying to lose weight over 40… and what to do instead so you can love how you feel in (and out) of your clothes

✔️ Why eating less and working out harder can keep you stuck

✔️ The one thing every diet is missing that actually gets my clients results without feeling deprived or obsessing about food and weight loss

✔️ How I help my clients achieve the body and lifestyle they want

Hi, I'm Tanja.

I am a functional health and weight loss coach and I have helped 1000s or women end the struggle with food and weight so they can lose weight for the last time and feel free in their body and life. 
I created this Online Training to help you do the same. 
I never want you to struggle with your weight. I never want you to go on another ‘diet’ again. I want you to stop wasting all that precious life energy on hating your body, feeling like a failure, or wondering whether or not you should eat something. I want you to take that energy and start living your life. To have vibrant energy. To be fully engaged and present with the people you love. 
I truly believe that you deserve to feel GOOD!

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The Online Training Happens May 2 at 5PM Pacific Time

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