This 3 Step Process has Helped 100's of Other Women Over 40 Lose 20-80 pounds, Gain Confidence and Feel GOOD in their Body, Without Dieting

For Women Over 40:

Discover the 3 Steps that have Helped 100s of Other Women Get to their Happy, Healthy Body Weight, Naturally, Permanently and WITHOUT the Obsession

At 68 Carole Overcame her Addiction to Food...

Karen Had Gained and Lost the Same 115 Pounds Over and Over Again...

I have yo-yo dieted for 30 years- gaining and losing the same 40 pounds over and over again. With this program, I have now STOPPED dieting. I have been consistent and no more self sabotage.

-Linda W.

Hi, my name is Tanja Shaw,

and it's my mission to help women get to their happy, healthy weight naturally, permanently so that they can LIVE a full, vibrant life. I am a Certified High Performance Coach, weight loss coach, host of the top ranked Fit + Vibrant You Podcast, and founder of Fit + Vibrant Over 50. Over the last 17 years I have helped 1000s of women transform their body and their life. Along the way I discovered that there was something missing from the regular fitness + diet programs. Even with all the information, women were still struggling to lose weight permanently. I set out to fill that gap. And I'm excited to share the secret why so many women struggle to do what they know they should do, and how to overcome that cycle with you. To help you find that peaceful, balanced relationship with food so you can start living instead of merely existing, so that you can feel GOOD in your body. Tanja x

Meet Other Women Just Like You

"This is the program I wish I found in my 20s. I am FINALLY off the diet roller coaster ride and am now LIVING my life.
-Sue I. 

"After years of Weight Watchers and falling back into old patterns, I I am fitter, stronger and healthier than ever... and I started this in my late 70s" 
-Joyce N.

I felt like I was trapped in a prison and forced to eat and drink things that caused pain or nausea later…

Now I’m learned that the true issues to my weight were not solved by countraining calories or weighing on the scale.

I’ve now lost 20 pounds and no longer feel stressed about food, parties or ‘sticking with it’ over the holidays anymore”
-Erin Dyer

“I’m not on a “diet”, but rather on a total mind set change.  Have I lost weight and inches…yes…but the biggest thing I’ve gained is self-esteem.  I keep moving forward and know everything will fall in place.This goes way past the weight loss…it has been a total reaffirming experience.“

-Cathy Guivas


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