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Weekly Workouts

If it sounds like I’m repeating myself, it’s because I probably am: you do not need to workout for a long period of time to get results. More is not necessarily better; and in many cases, less is MUCH better. 

I’m especially protective of my time when on a vacation. When Keith and I workout together, Jacob hangs out or practices basketball. And having a 7 year old hang out definitely speeds up the workout (“Are you done yet?”)

While at home I do sometimes indulge in closer to hour long workouts (though some of that includes socializing) I’m adamant to keep my vacation workout to less than 30 minutes (usually less than 20), and to end off with a swim whenever possible. Keeping the workouts short also increase the likelihood of sticking with it for the long term. If you’re like most people, you have work, family or volunteer commitments, or simply don’t want to spend most of your day working out. I get it!

One more thing about travel workouts: Give yourself a bit of time to ‘get in to it’. After a day of travel, the body can feel a bit stiff.  Sometimes going for a walk and doing some stretches is enough (especially if you’ve been sitting in a car or airplane for many hours!) My first day here I chose to do an easy run and some mobility work. 

Each day included lots of beach play ๐Ÿ™‚ 

5K east run + 10 minutesโ€™ active mobility:

Down dog to Plank
Lunge + Reach
Plank + Rotations
I talk more about mobility work in this podcast.  Plus there’s a free download for mobility exercises. 

East 5min run to gym
3 rounds 40/10 of each:
1. Squat + shoulder press/ row 
2. Straight arm pull down/ push-up
3. Lat pull down/ goblet squats

Exploring the Waimea Canyon with the family!

5 K run as 3 minutes hard, 1 minute rest, 2 minutes hard, 1 minute rest, 1 minute hard, 2 minutes rest. Repeat that set one more time + Warm up/ warm down.
Hike to Waimea Canyon (approximately 6K)

I try to stay as active as I can on vacation by playing and exploring. I definitely enjoy my ‘sunning’ at the beach as well with a good book on digestion, or social media marketing ๐Ÿ™‚ 




This workout!

5 min run
Tabata #1: Sprints (20 seconds hard, 10 sec. rest, 8 rounds)

Core: Plank with shoulder touches + leg raises (40 sec. on/ 10 sec. off, 3 rounds)

Tabata #2: Squat jumps forward/ skater hops (alternating between the two exercises for 20/10)

Core: Single leg bridge + v-sit punches (40 sec. on/ 10 sec. off, 3 rounds)

Tabata #3: Standing bike hill climb + lunge jumps (alternating between the two exercises for 20/10)

**Tabata Training is simply going hard for 20 seconds, resting 10 seconds, and repeating for 8 rounds. You can pick any sequence of exercises for the tabata intervals.  

Also played on the paddleboard at Kalapaki beach!

6.5k easy run + ocean swim

Set timer for 40 seconds on/ 10 seconds off, 3 rounds
Set 1
Squat + Shoulder Press
Renegade Row (Plank to row)
Leg drops (abs)

Set 2
Pull Ups (assisted ๐Ÿ™‚ 
Triceps press down
Biceps Curls

Single leg hamstring curl (30 sec L/R) 3 rounds
Cable Rotations (30 sec L/R) 3 Rounds
Alternated between curls and rotations