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Weekly Workouts

It was a full week of workouts! This week I incorporated a lot more (and much needed) mobility work. I love incorporating dynamic mobility exercises into a warm up and workout. It’s a great way to lengthen as you strengthen. 

Sunday: Strength + HIIT 
Warm up on Rower

Tabata #1: Rower (20 sec on/ 10 off/ 8 rounds) – this one HURT

Strength Circuit #1: 10 reps of each, 3 rounds
1-arm cable push (left side)
1-arm cable push (right side)
Reverse lunge to step up + balance (left side)
Reverse lunge to step up + balance (right side)

Tabata #2: Alternate between MB Slams and Burpees

Strength #2 10 reps of each, 3 rounds
1-arm cable row (left side)
1-arm cable row (right side)
Straight arm cable press down
Triceps press down
Lateral band walks (10 each side)
Tabata #3: Alternate between long jumps and “Ski Abs” – borrowed from Beach Body’s Insanity

Core Finisher: 40 sec of each, 3 rounds
Plank with leg raises
Swiss ball hamstring curls
Plank on ball
Single leg raises (abs)

Monday: Strength/ Endurance
5:30AM Boot Camp at Ascend Fitness

Fit test- max reps of burpees/ push-ups/ squat jumps/ timed plank

Deck of cards workout:
Diamonds = Push-Ups
Hearts = Bent Over Row
Spades = Squat jump
Clovers = Bicycle Crunches

Round 2:
Diamonds = Triceps push-ups
Hearts = Lunge jumps
Spaces = In/outs
Clovers = Squats

Afternoon walk in the sunshine!

Tuesday: Easy Cardio
7K Run easy run with my very good friend Christine Line up to Cultus Lake.  
So grateful to get outside and enjoy the fresh air!

Wednesday: Plyometrics + Strength Endurance
5:30AM Boot Camp at Ascend Fitness

45 sec high knees/ hit the floor
45 sec squats
45 sec mountain climbers
45 sec skater hops
45 sec lunge jumps
~ 5 sec in between

Partner Strength:
150 reps band row (combined) switching every 20 sec

Repeat cardio, decrease to 40 sec

Partner Strength: 
Partner band push: 150 reps combined

Repeat cardio 35 sec

Partner strength: Triceps push-ups to 100 reps (partner 2 did biceps curls)

Repeat cardio 30 sec

End: Lots of hip openers!

Thursday: Recovery + Mobility
5K walk + mobility work with the Ascend Team

Friday: Strength + Mobility 
Rower warm up

Circuit 1
10 cable pushes
10 rows
10 Hip + shoulder openers (no video- kinda like a bridge)

Circuit 2
10 squat + 1 arm clean each side
15 KB swings
10 down dog to plank to up dog (see the video!)

Circuit 3
10 chin up assted
10 single arm cable pull downs, alternating arms
10 lunge + overhead reach with walk through (see the video!)

Circuit 4
15 back extensions
10 Triceps push-ups with rotation

Saturday: HIIT + Core 

Warm up (Cardio/ Dynamic Mobility)

Tabata 1: Alternate between High Knee Skipping/ Mountain Climbers (20 sec on/ 10 off/ 8 rounds)
Core: Slow mountain climbers/ single leg extensions (40 sec on/ 10 off/ 3 rounds)

Tabata 2: Squat jumps forward/ Lateral lunge with jump
Core: Glute kick backs (with 5 pound weights) 10 reps each side x 3

Finisher #3: 30 sec each: reverse lunge with knee drive (L/R), Squat + Hip abduction
4 rounds