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Weekly Workouts

Had some fun workouts this week and a few easier days- mostly due to my desire NOT to get moving right away after my 4:20AM wake up call! Here’s what I did. I hope you can find some ideas to shake up your own workout routine!

Sunday: Outdoor HIIT + Core Training
So grateful to workout outside at the park! Was a bit chilly at the beginning, but of course that didn’t last long.
Warm up: easy run

Tabata 1: Alternating skipping and squat jumps (20/10, 8 rounds)
Timed Run: 57 seconds (not sure of the exact distance)
Core: Plank knee to elbow and double leg raises (30/10, 3 rounds)

Tabata 2: Alternating lunge jumps + Plank forearms to hands – fast as I could
Timed Run: 55 seconds
Core: Side plank with rotations left/ right  (30/10, 3 rounds)

Tabata 3: Skater hops + Mat jump overs (hands on mat, jump feet over mat- quad burner!)
Timed Run: 54 seconds 
Core: Glute bridge alternating left and right side (30/10, 3 rounds)

Ended with tennis with the family. Just like Hawaii… almost.

Monday: Strength + Run Intervals
Run warm up
3 min treadmill run increasing pace every 1 minute (8.0mph, 8.5mph, 9.0mph, 2% incline)
40/10, 3 rounds of:
Squat + dumbbell press
Plank to row
Leg raises

3 min run increasing pace every 1 minute (8.0mph, 8.5mph, 9.0mph, 2% incline)
35/10 3 rounds of:
Cable pull throughs (glutes/ hamstrings)
Cable triceps press down
1 arm cable row high to low (left side)
Right side

3 min run increasing pace every 1 minute (8.0mph, 8.5mph, 9.0mph, 2% incline)
30/10 3 rounds of: 
1 arm cable push left side
Right side
Cable Rotations
Other direction
1 leg stability ball hamstring curl right leg
Left leg

Tuesday– woke up feeling TIRED. 
Joined Keith for an easy run after we dropped Jacob off at school. Ended up stopping short, just after 5K. Average pace 4:49 (though felt like I was racing… body was tired!)

Wednesday: my workout partner opted to rest, which is exactly what I needed to do as well.
Started my morning with this 20 minutes yoga video and went for a a walk.

Thursday: Light run + leg strength

EASY  7K run to Cultus lake. Emphasis on easy.

Workout at Ascend– courtesy of Coach Spencer.
10 meters each: walking lunge/ squat jumps forward/ skater hops

10 1-leg deadlifts, 10 1-leg squats
Repeat it all for 3 rounds.

Finisher: tube walking 15 per side
Wall sit 60 sec
2 rounds

Friday: Strength
30/10, 6 rounds (1 round warm up, 5 rounds workout!)
Pull Ups
Squat + 1 arm press
Switch Sides
Chair Pose Burpee (see video below!)
Yoga Lunge Jumps (see video below!)
Kettlebell swings
Triceps dips/ push-ups