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Weekly Workouts

Happy Monday! Full week of workouts completed- lots of variety, and I got to play around with some fun moves (the internet is a great resource for finding new exercises). 

I’m writing this on Monday, and my upper abs are still sore from Saturday morning’s workouts. Triceps as well, but I’m pretty sure that’s from Thursday. My workout partner Sarah says she has sore calves, but that’s likely from dancing in heels. I wore flats 🙂 

SUNDAY: Rest day

MONDAY: Legs + Glute Circuit
Warm up: Rower

45/10 3 rounds of:
1. High Knee Skipping
2. Reverse lunge to balance with front leg on 3” riser
3. Switch legs
4. Deep squat + overhead press
5. Squat + side leg raise (yessss glutes!)
6. Triceps push-up + in/out jump
7. Medicine ball rotations (abs)
8. Kettle bell swings- 20-25 reps
9. Yoga lunge jump/ hip opener (link to Instagram)
10. Squat + reverse lunge

Finisher: Thoracic opener, cat/cow + rockin’roll

TUESDAY: Strength + Sprints
Warm up

45/15 x 4 Sprint on treadmill

Mid Row
1 arm cable push
Switch sides
Barbell Biceps curls

30/30 x 4 Sprint on treadmill

1 arm cable row high to low
Switch sides
Reverse cable wood chop

15/30 x 4 Sprint on treadmill

Reverse fly on cable
Alternating arm cable pulldown
Cable kick backs
Switch sides

Switch sides
Reverse cable wood chop

WEDNESDAY: Easy cardio
Easy 5K run and afternoon walk

THURSDAY: Strength + afternoon play
Dynamic warm up

Each circuit 3 rounds for 40/10
Squat + Shoulder Press
Renegade row
Reverse Medicine ball wood chop
Switch Sides

Cable pull high to low alternating arms
Swiss Ball Dumbbell Pullovers
Cable reverse fly
Funky yoga lunge hip opener

Squat + Hip abduction
Triceps Push-ups/ dips
Burpee + Push-up to squat
Biceps curls- alternating arms

Swiss Ball plank (feet on ball) + leg raises (10 each side)
Medicine ball bridge + leg raises (10 each side)
Plank knee to elbow (10 each side)
2 Rounds

Afternoon team workout at Ascend
Dynamic mobility warm up lead by Daniel
Walking lunges- approx. 10 per side
Wall walk ups (pretty sure I wasn’t as graceful)
3 rounds

Turkish get ups (more of a form practice) ~ 3 each side
Pull Ups

TRX row ARAP with feet against wall, then regress and do more, and more and more…
TRX Hamstring curls- OUCH

FRIDAY: Boot Camp at Ascend Fitness

SATURDAY: Mobility, core + balance
10 min dynamic mobility warm up

1 leg deadlift to 1 arm cable row 15 per side
Leg raises with cable pull over: something like the exercise at the 1 minute mark in this video

Step up to balance 12 per side
TRX Mountain Climber (1 leg at a time then both legs together, 10 reps)

Turkish get ups 3 per side
Band Tube Walking 15 per side

Iron Crosses – 12 reps
1 leg Hamstring Curls 12 per side