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Weekly Workouts

Another week of workouts done! I realized I didn’t have a rest day, but there was so much variety and I felt energized each day. Tomorrow I’ll rest. Keith was away most of the week so my mid-week workouts were at home. My goal for the week was to do yoga each day, for at least 10 minutes. I did on most days and will keep going with it next week. Mobility training is KEY for a healthy body!

SUNDAY: Hike up Ford Mountain.
My absolute happy place!  
Thankful to enjoy Sunday morning with amazing Ascend Fitness members and coaches!

MONDAY: Cardio intervals + Strength
3 minutes as 1 min each: 8.0/8.5/9.0mph @ 2% incline

Strength Circuit #1: 40/10 x 3
Cable row
1 arm cable push (left/ right)
Hip opener + lunge jump

Repeat run

Strength Circuit #2: 40/10 x 3
Barbell clean + press
Rope pull (to face)
Rope pull downs
Thoracic spine opener (mobility)

Repeat run

Strength Circuit #3: 40/10 x 3
Lat Pull Down
Goblet Squats
Cable kick backs (left/ right)

Repeat run last time! Did 2 minutes at 9 to end off on an extra challenge

10 minutes of yoga
Really easy 5K run

TUESDAY: Cardio Intervals
45/10 x 3 Rounds:
1. High Knee Skipping
2. Burpee + Push-up into a Low Squat
3. Push Press
4. Mountain Climbers
5. Cross Punches (abs)
6. Squat + Hip Abduction
7. Squat + Reverse Lunge
8. Skater Hops
9. Lunge Jumps
10. Bridge with feet on a bench (Hamstrings!!)
10 minute hip opener yoga video:

5K walk outside in the afternoon while listening to the audio lesson for my Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Course!

WEDNESDAY: Yoga + Easy Run
Grateful that my workout partner joined me on my back deck for a wonderful hour long yoga session. Also I’m really loving the Five Parks Yoga videos.

6K easy run to drop Jacob off at school and then continued for an extra 4K.

THURSDAY: Strength + Easy Run
Mobility Warm Up
40/10 3 Rounds
Squat + 1 arm press
Switch sides
Plank to Row
Pilates Ab circles

Swiss Ball Dumbbell Pullovers
Bent over Row
Triceps Dips
Single leg raises

Reverse Lunge to Balance
Switch Sides
Squat + Hip Abduction
Bridge with feet on bench: Single leg raises (10 each side)

5K easy run!

Short workout at the studio with 10 min of yoga with my team!

FRIDAY: Boot Camp + Walk

5:30AM boot camp at Ascend Fitness Daniel put us through a great cardio and strength circuit!
6K walk with Keith in the morning and 4 laps of the park (approx. 4K total) during Jacob’s lacrosse practice. Spending time with Keith was on my daily ‘success list’ 😉 

SATURDAY: Cardio Intervals + Easy Run
300m Row/ 21 KB Swings/ 200m Row/ 15 KB Swings/ 100m Row/ 9 KB Swings: 4:27
45s sprint/ 21 push presses/ 30s sprint/ 15 push presses/ 15s spring/ 9 push presses
Repeat the Row/ KB combo: 4:23

Sprints were at at 9 mph, 6%/ 8%/ 10% incline respectively. Swings were with a 22KG KB (I think…)

End: 3 Turkish Get Ups each side
Lots of stretching

5K very easy run by the river! Met up with amazing clients and the sun came out!