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Weekly Workouts

Fantastic week! Really enjoyed a lot of walking outside, a few kick-butt workouts with my workout partner Sarah, and two workouts (Friday and Saturday) in Olympia. I’m here for the live workshop weekend of the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner course… and it’s AWESOME. Super excited to add even more to the Whole You Transformation and offer more to clients at Ascend Fitness.

SUNDAY: Rest Day!
Enjoyed two walks outside, one with my lovely sister Jenny (we took a selfie 🙂 

MONDAY: Cardio Intervals + Core
Warm up
Tabata #1: Rower
Core #1: 40/10 x 3: TRX Knee tucks + Single leg drops

Tabata #2: Skipping + Burpees
Core #2: 40/10 x 3: Cable kick backs (alternating left and right)

Tabata #3: Squat Jumps with 20 LB dumbbell + “Ski Abs”
Core #1: 40/10 x 3: Multidirectional lunges (Left/ Right), Single Leg Deadlift (Left/ Right)

Lots of Stretching

5K Run with Jacob to school (first 1.5K was very easy then I picked it up… and up and up…)

TUESDAY: Strength + Walk Outside

Warm up: 8 min run + dynamic mobility
3 rounds of each circuit!
Circuit #1:
Reverse cable fly- 10 reps
1 arm cable push- 10-12 per side (increased weight)
Straight arm pull downs with rope grip (10-12)

Circuit #2:
1 arm clean and press (10 reps each side)
Bulgarian split squat- 10 reps each side, 20 LB dumbbells

Circuit #3:
Mid Row- 10-12 reps
Goblet Squats – 15 reps
Swiss Ball jack Knife- 8 reps
Swiss Ball hamstring curls- 15 reps

WEDNESDAY: Yoga + 6K run

6K easy run in the late morning!

THURSDAY: Sprints + Strength

5 x 45/15- 9.5 mph/ 6% incline
4 x 30/30- 10 mph/ 6% incline

4 x 15/30- 11 mph/ 6% incline

Chin assist
Triceps dips
Pilates ab circles

1 arm cable fly (left/ right)
cable rotations (left/ right)

30 minute power walk

FRIDAY: Run in Olympia
I’m here in Olympia for my very first live weekend training for the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner course. I explored the local area with an 8.5K run.
Grateful for the morning!

Hour walk in the sunshine at our lunch break!

SATURDAY: Tabatas + Walk

Warm up
Tabata #1: Skipping + Burpees
Core #1: Down dog to push-up/ double leg raises 40/10 x 3

Tabata #2: Sprints + Forward Squat Jumps
Core #2: Down dog split with knee drive/ Cobra

Tabata #3: Lunge Jumps + In/Outs in Plank Position

Hour long walk on my lunch break from class!