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Weekly Workouts

I started this week in Olympia, Washington on course to level up my nutrition education through the Nutritional Therapy Association. The weekend was BEAUTIFUL weather-wise, and I am so grateful I was able to get outside early on Monday morning for a quick jaunt up Elk Mountain. The rest of the week I prioritized adequate rest and mindful movement through yoga.

Easy 6K run while listening to “Eat the Yolks”- a great overview of WHY nutrition is so important, and how to eat the way we were meant to eat.

MONDAY: Hiking! The mountains were calling!
So grateful for an early start (6:30AM at the trailhead) to the top of Elk Mountain. It’s 8K return and about 800m elevation gain. In other words, a great workout. I was able to get home by 9AM and refuel with breakfast, and nourish my soul with the family.

TUESDAY: Strength + Walk
Dynamic warm up

3 strength circuits: each 40/10 for 3 rounds

Mid Row
1 arm cable push (left)
Switch sides
Hip opener (yoga crescent lunge alternating sides)

Squat + BB press
Cable lat pull down
MB Wood Chops
Switch Sides

Straight bar cable pull down
Triceps Press Down
Leg raises
Plank knee to elbow (on forearms)

Afternoon walk 5K-ish while listening to “Eat the Yolks” and some rad 90s tunes:

WEDNESDAY: Yoga + Rest

THURSDAY: Strength + Walk

Rower Warm up
Warm up set then 5 rounds of 30/10
1. Pull-Ups
2. Squat + 1 arm press
3. Switch Sides
4. Yoga Burpee (video)
5. Reverse Lunges with front foot on small step
6. Switch Sides
7. Hip opener yoga lunge with jump
8. KB Swings
9. Triceps push-ups

FRIDAY: Yoga + Easy Run

Easy 6K run mid-morning!

SATURDAY: Yoga + Cruisin’
I got up early to start my day with a yoga session, and spent the rest of the day getting to Vancouver to embark on my very first cruise, heading up to Alaska. I did manage my 10,000 steps and am determined not to use the elevator while on board.