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Weekly Workouts

It’s been a while since I posted my weekly workouts…. there’s been so much outdoors play it’s been tough to get everything in! This time of year I spend much less time at the gym, and more time outside. Hiking, biking, paddle boarding, the odd run, and a few plyo workouts at the park. I try to get the gym twice a week to focus on strength, and I make it count when I’m there. 

SUNDAY: Rest Day
Back from camping!

MONDAY: Body weight Glute Workout (aka BUNS of STEEL!)
40/5, 3 rounds:
Reverse lunge to balance/ high kenee
Switch side
Plank + leg raises (Left)
Switch sides

40/5, 3 rounds:
Curtsy squats
Squat + Side lunge
Plank + Knee to elbow
Leg raises
Lateral Lunge Right
Lateral Lunge Left

40/5, 3 rounds:
Quadruped leg raises Right
Glute sweeper
Switch sides

TUESDAY: Sprints + Strength Circuit

Sprints: 45 on/ 15 rest x 5

Strength Circuit:
Landmine Presses (with squat) 8 each side
Medicine ball slams- 15 reps
SB Jack Knife- 15 reps
MB Twists- 10 each side
3 rounds

Sprints: 30 on/ 30 off x 5
Assisted Pull Ups- 8-12 reps (max)
KB Swings- 10-15 (Depending on weight)
Box Jumps- 10 reps
Renegade Row- 10 reps
Leg drops with band- 15 reps each leg

Sprints: 15 sec on/ 30 off x 5

**This was a TOUGH workout, and I crushed it. Felt super strong and loved it. I’ll be repeating this one next week!

WEDNESDAY: Tabata + Core
Outdoor at the park
Easy run to warm up

Tabata #1: 20/10 x 8 alternating between skipping + burpees
Timed run (59 sec)

Core: Side plank left/ right alternating 40 sec x 3 each side

Tabata #2: 20/10 x 8 alternating between bench step overs + bench jump overs (hands on the bench, feet jump over back and forth)
Timed run (57 sec)

Core: Leg drops with hip raise + triceps dips, 40 sec x 3 rounds

Tabata #3: 20/10 x 8 alternating between lateral lunges + plank in/out jumps
Timed run (54 sec)

THURSDAY: Yoga + Walk on treadmill desk
My FAVOURITE yoga video. 30 minutes, highly repetitive (good for me as I’m not amazing at yoga), lots of strength and quick moving. I always feel so good after doing this!

Worked at home and did some course work while walking on my treadmill desk. 

FRIDAY: Morning Hike
Met my friend Sarah at 6:30AM for a quick hike up Mt. Thom

SATURDAY: Morning Hike + Evening Paddle
Tis the season to play OUTSIDE!
Started the day with a hike up Tea Pot (approximately 5K hike) with Ascend and ended the day with an evening solo paddle at Cultus Lake.