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Why are you punishing yourself?

“I don’t even like the food, I don’t even want the food…. But I eat it anyway”.

The stories unfold…

Eating when she doesn’t want the food in the first place.
Eating, cold, leftover pizza in secret.

Eating to the point of feeling sick.

And being fully aware that she’s doing it… but doing it anyway.

Can you relate?

Anthony Robbins says ‘the quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of the questions you are asking yourself” 


So I ask this… “why are you punishing yourself?”


The initial answer is often ‘I don’t know”. But “I don’t know” is just the starting point.

Of course, it’s a hard question to answer… we never ask it.


So I ask again “why are you punishing yourself?”


No judgement, just curiosity.

Do you believe you don’t deserve to feel good?
Do you think that there’s a negative consequence of reaching your goals?
Do you believe you’re not worthy of fully nourishing yourself and enjoying your food?

Again, no judgement, just curiosity.


With love,
Tanja x