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Why Strong is NOT the New Sexy

A few years ago the ‘Strong is the new sexy’ or ‘strong is the new skinny’ anthem emerged and it went viral.  Other tag lines like “skinny girls look good in clothes; fit girls look good naked” or “Do you Even Lift?” circulated Pintrest, Instagram and other social media platforms.  Shirts were printed, and badges were worn.  No longer did women have to idealize Victoria Secret models or the wafer-thin girl staring whimsically into the distance in a magazine photo about living an authentic life.  No longer was ‘skinny’ in; skinny wasn’t the look anymore.  We could ditch long hours on the treadmill, start to lift weights, and take the pressure off being thin.

Success for women kind?

Definitely not. 

In theory, it all sounds great.  But reality didn’t pan out quite the same way. 

strong-is-the-new-sexyAll that happened was one unattainable-for-most-people look was replaced by an equally unattainable look.

Well defined muscles replaced thigh gaps and showy collar bones.

% Body Fat replaced the number on the scale.

Counting carbs replaced counting calories and fat grams.

A diligent strength training routine replaced excessive cardio.

Fitspiration replaced Thinspiration. 

Here’s what didn’t change at all:
Obsessions about food for the purpose of looking a certain way.
Idealizing a certain body type and chastising another
Comparing bodies and body types.
Measuring self worth by a number or look.

Some women are skinny.  Some are muscular.  Some are curvier.  All women can be sexy. 

So what is truly SEXY? 

  • Truly being comfortable and confident in your body is sexy.
  • Moving your body in a way that feels good is sexy
  • Nourishing your body with food that makes you vibrant and energetic is sexy.
  • Taking care of yourself is sexy.
  • A relaxed, peaceful relationship with food is sexy.
  • Living life and engaging in life with joy is sexy.
  • Laughter is sexy.
  • Being happy and healthy is sexy.

Feeling good, enjoying your life and enjoying your body is sexy.  Eat in a way that feels good.  Move in a way to feel good.  Being comfortable being YOU is sexy. 

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