You are currently viewing FVY 018: Yoga for Health with Josh Biro

FVY 018: Yoga for Health with Josh Biro

I met Josh Biro (also known as Josh Asana) about a month ago at a conference in Red Deer, Alberta.  We talked, of course, about yoga, and i realized that I had so many misconceptions about yoga.  He opened my eyes to what yoga actually is, and I was reminded why I could benefit from a bit more yoga in my life.

If you’re in Chilliwack (my hometown) check out Studio B Yoga.
In this episode we go over:

  • What yoga actually is (and it may not be what you think)
  • Why you could really benefit from yoga
  • Some of the misconceptions about yoga, and  while we’re at it, we’ll also bust a few of your excuses why you don’t do yoga
  • How much you should do to get results

This week’s freebie is a 15 minute yoga for energy session/ workout that you can do at home (and yes, it’s only 15 minutes).  Click on the box below to download!

Get in touch with Josh & Links mentioned:

twitter @nomadyogafamily -or- @bikramreddeer
instagram @nomadyogafamily -or- @bikramreddeer

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