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My Favourite Yoga Videos

I regularly incorporate yoga into my weekly routine- and when I can, I LOVE going to Studio B Yoga in Garrison Crossing.  But when I can’t quite make a class, or only have a short amount of time, I roll out my mat in my living room and play a video from YouTube. Below are some of my favourites!



10 Minutes or Less:

This is one of my faves- I do this one a few times each week and love that it’s only 10 minutes.

Yoga with Adriene is one of my favourite YouTube channels- she has great cuing and a gentle approach to yoga.

A super short one to start your day!


10-30 Minutes:
Great video to get started in Yoga. She also has a beginners series on her channel.

Ali is a bit more intense- better for those who have some familiarity with yoga.

Erin’s video’s are great! 

Another quick flow to get your heart rate up.

Got 15 minutes?

30-45 Minutes:
Another video for beginners from Adriene.

The time flies by when I do this one!

Another lovely video by Adriene.

Ok… this is the most played video on my rotation. It’s quick, and really challenging. I like the repetition of it- it allows me to be really pay attention to what I’m doing without worrying about new poses.

Another quick Vinyasa Flow if you want to combine strength into your practice.