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You are Not Broken

What if this was the year you realized that you weren’t broken and that there is so much more right about you than there is wrong with you?

It’s common, especially when we’re trying to lose weight or improve our health, to feel like we are too flawed to ever figure it all out. We get overwhelmed. We feel like we’ll never overcome our demons, whether those demons are perfectionism, emotional eating, low motivation, or inconsistency. We focus so much on what’s in our way that we feel like there’s something wrong with us.


Think about how freeing it would be to let go of trying to fix yourself.
What if you instead looked at this like a learning journey?

Think about it. You would never treat a seven-year-old child like he’s broken because he doesn’t know how to drive or pay taxes. You would understand that he simply hadn’t learned those particular skills because the timing wasn’t right yet. You would never shame that child, and we would have full confidence in their ability to learn those skills when the time came and he started practicing them.

And yet, we rarely treat ourselves with the same gentleness or understanding. We feel like we’re damaged, when the truth is, we just haven’t learned the specific skills that will help us reach our goals.

Maybe we need to learn how to stay in touch with our hunger cues so we’re giving our bodies what they need without adding excess fuel.

Maybe we need to learn how to build the right habits that will allow us to naturally sustain the body of our dreams.

Maybe we need to learn how to bounce back from setbacks, which are an inevitable part of the journey.

Maybe we need to learn how to soothe our emotions without food.

One of the most amazing, powerful things you can do for yourself this year is to let go of the idea that you are a problem to be solved. Instead, embark on an exciting journey to learn the skills necessary so you can not only achieve your health and fitness goals, but create a lifestyle where you maintain your progress indefinitely.